Monthly Archives: February 2015

why the weird names…..

Ok, I am honest, I am weird.....and so are my spreads. I admit, I could have named it Mango Lime Spread....but come on.....such a boring name for something as tasty.

Or the Tart Cherry Espresso, such a goodie, with such a boring title.

But, and here comes my Downfall. I ran into trouble. I was unable to find a funny

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Pretzel or Bretzel

Well, this is tricky......I think it goes along with the Pennsylvanian Dutch being Originally Pennsylvanian Deutsch.....some things just spell awkward and get changed. Language is a living thing and changes. See our Bretzel. I know the spelling….but we call them Bretzel back home, BUT and here is where it gets funny,

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Why I refuse to make jam. And why fruit spread sounds less when it is actually more…….

Let me start this with a link to the (click on FDA to read) FDA. It is a long and rather dry read, but I can try to

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..the oldest living family member

whenever I get guests that are interested in what I do, I introduce them to him, he is old. Very old. They say they older they get the better they are.  He is very active for his age. He is so versatile, and eats literally anything resembling flour, he is bubbly and springy.

Some may

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So are you a bakery or what?

May it be suppliers or people I talk with, I get this question so many times......

So, are we a bakery? Not really, but we bake, and we do so the same way I learned from my grandma. Our sourdough breads are long ripened with a distinct sour taste to them.

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