So are you a bakery or what?

May it be suppliers or people I talk with, I get this question so many times……

So, are we a bakery? Not really, but we bake, and we do so the same way I learned from my grandma. Our sourdough breads are long ripened with a distinct sour taste to them.

May it be our Weissbrot (white bread with some similarities to the bread that is very common in the SF Bat area). Or our Roggenbrot (a distinct sour rye bread with caraway seeds)

 What is common to all my breads, I do not add anything else then water, flour, starter (sourdough or fresh yeast) salt and spices and grains depending on the recipe.

I also bake several kinds of baguettes, the original parisienne style as well as a flute montagne. Some of them have rye and other old grains included in their recipes.