Why Strudels are not really friends of toasters

So, let’s talk about Strudels. In South Eastern Europe, namely South Germany, Austria and Hungary, Strudel is a well known desert.
In the old times, pretty much every family had their own recipe for the filling. Fresh cheese, Apples, Plums, Apricots…it is sweet,
it fits into a Strudel.

What is sold here as strudel, has besides the name hardly anything to do with a Strudel. What I have seen was sugar, artificial aroma and gelatin, rolled into something filo like.

Here is how a real strudel is made, please also see the picture:


The dough is as thin, you can read a newspaper trough it…..


The filling is set onto the dough (here tart cherries (and not water, sugar and artificial aroma)


Then it is “flipped” not rolled into a long roll and baked……


As you may have realized, no toasters…….

and as a warning NEVER but really never warm Strudel you get or buy from us into a Toaster…..NEVER…..please……you destroy Strudel and the toaster……30 sec in the Microwave will do (but be careful, filling gets REALLY hot!)

strudel with tart cherries
strudel with tart cherries