Pretzel or Bretzel

Well, this is tricky……I think it goes along with the Pennsylvanian Dutch being Originally Pennsylvanian Deutsch…..some things just spell awkward and get changed. Language is a living thing and changes. See our Bretzel. I know the spelling….but we call them Bretzel back home, BUT and here is where it gets funny, even back home spelling changes locally. Our neighbors the Bavarians (we are Swabians by the way)  call them Bretzn and  the main differences are, that they use many times lard, where we use Butter and the “legs” of the Bretzn are thicker then the Swabian version.

They ways Bretzels are enjoyed in different parts of Germany.

Swabians like their Pretzels cut open (the top part) with butter (see Butterbretzel) whereas our neighbors in Bavaria eat them with Weisswurst and sweet Mustard! I love them either way.

So, how does the German Bretzel compare to the Pretzels you find sold here.

I will not, I let you do that. Please visit us at any of the Framers markets we serve (or most Saturdays at the Artisan Exchange in West Chester PA)  and it will be my pleasure to let you sample my Bretzels free of charge. Promised!