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Pretzels or Bretzels?
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made from scratch by hand and with love........

First of all here is a small update.

We were located at the Artisan Exchange for full two years, we grew and grew and we reached  our limits. We started to look for a bigger space and found a new bakery and a shop in Newtown Square with 4 times the space we held in the Artisan Exchange. We moved away, but not on, we keep supplying and attending the Market every Saturday from 10-2.


I am the dough mongering and food loving guy that runs Haigis Fine Foods LLC.
Everything we sell, is what I like and made how I like it. No way will we produce something I would not serve my family or Friends. Period.


About why do I do this…..


well, I am honest with you, I love food, but if it tries to kill me I fight back.
In the last years I started to feel that food impacts me different. I started to read labels and learn what they mean. What I have seen worried me more and more. It felt more like a lot of chemicals with a little food. I decided not to have that anymore (ok occasionally I eat things I shouldn’t)


I come from a food family, the earliest proof I have is, my great great great great great great Grandfather (add some more greatness until you reach 1789) owned a Mill in rural south Germany. Later my  great great grand mother took over the Backhaus (community owned Baking house) and my family ran it until 1976, when she left us age 91, still running the bake house. After she left us the bake house was abandoned.


The sourdough I am using today was handed down from her, and the family history claims it is the original that is in the family since the early days of the mill.
I can not proof that, but I can tell you one thing. I baked rye, amaranth, spelt, wheat, even rice bread with this sour and it works.


We try to keep up with thing that concerns us, our business and what we do, once in a while you will find a recipe or links to things we find interesting here

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The webshop is now located at


In any case or situation you need to contact us please use this form or simply give us a call. We will do our best to reply as soon as possible.For wonders and impossibilities, just call.

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